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Redefining your technical understanding enables you to leverage the benefits these next-generation solutions and advanced formats have to offer.


Capitalise on next-generation efficiencies to meet your business needs within your sector of the media supply chain.


Training and Guidance in advanced formats such as the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) and Color Science to generate a solid understanding within a purpose led training environment.

Understanding the
technical solutions for all your creative needs

Trench Digital offers motion picture studio groups, post-production facilities, software vendors and digital content providers a range of specifically tailored workflow consultancy services that will enable current workflows and support future development pipelines within the ever-advancing media and entertainment supply chain.

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The provision of technical solutions

Training & Guidance

Trench Digital recognises the need for different learning processes. Visual Representation and Practical Application are key elements in every training curriculum and subject matter.

Trench Digital offers applications, workflow-based and context-specific curriculum under the course categories of Digital Cinema, IMF, Colour Science and Media Project Information Systems.

Technical Operations

Leverage of purposeful training efficiencies provides you with the capacity to maximise higher delivery success rates.

Simplicity within a purpose led environment is the key.

Workflow Consultancy

Each component to a workflow; Finishing, Mastering, Localisation, QC, Data IO etc. while separate, are interdependent.

By investing in finely-tuned, intelligently driven workflows, Trench Digital can help meet your business requirements and support the maximisation of your operational capacity.

Product Design & Implementation

Correct application of standards governing advanced formats is key in ensuring compliance. Trench Digital can provide you with the assistance you need to meet this requirement at the initial design phase and during implementation review.

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Product Referral

From the wide-ranging selection of deliverable types and file formats required by today’s delivery platforms and content owners, Trench Digital can assist you in selecting the right product or service to suit your needs.
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Industry Participation

Staying updated and informed through active industry participation across a variety of bodies.


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