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Trench Digital is the trading name used by me, Jack Watts, a highly skilled and experienced T-shaped media and technology software engineer with a passion for modernising workflows, products, and solutions in the media and entertainment industry. I specializes in international versioning, localization, and distribution for theatrical film, TV, and streaming productions along with their underlying standards.


    RP 428-22 Empty TT
    RP 428-22 Empty TT
    If one reads RDD 52, you will notice that we referenced the concept of a ‘dummy’ …
    SMPTE DCP Virtual Course
    SMPTE DCP Virtual Course
    Understanding the SMPTE Digital Cinema Packaging: SMPTE ST 428, SMPTE ST 429 and SMPTE ST 430. The …
    SMPTE RDD 52
    SMPTE RDD 52
    What is RDD 52? It specifies requirements and constraints for the SMPTE DCP Bv2.1 Application …
    Automated VFX Pipeline for the Purpose of Servicing the Creation of Downstream Masters
    Automated VFX Pipeline for the Purpose of …
    The post-production coordination requirements on a project require a vast amount of resources from …
    In 2019, I was commisioned by then forum president, David Hancock to update the existing website …

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