SMPTE DCP Virtual Course

Jack Watts | Jan 20, 2021 min read

Understanding the SMPTE Digital Cinema Packaging: SMPTE ST 428, SMPTE ST 429 and SMPTE ST 430.

The world is now a digital world. Around every corner, progressive organizations are transforming traditional workflows to digital workflows to leverage the efficiency, flexibility, and cost effectiveness such workflows have to offer. This is true of Digital Cinema (D-Cinema), as well.

During this SMPTE course, participants will learn all about the essentials of the suite of SMPTE standards which govern Digital Cinema Packaging (DCP) along with the benefits of implementing DCPs in D-cinema mastering and distribution. Lessons will take a software-independent approach to help you learn everything you need to know to get started with using SMPTE DCPs.

## Course Title The SMPTE DCP; Understanding the Digital Cinema Package.

Target Audience

This course is intended to provide Media Production Professionals, Film Producers, Distribution Houses, and Mastering Vendors with the opportunity to learn about the benefits and practical considerations of utilizing DCPs in their mastering and distribution workflows.

Course Prerequisites

General understanding of Computer Science and familiarity of digital media MIME audio, video, markup types e.g. XML, WAV, JPEG etc.

Course Outcomes

  • Summarize the technical and business advantages of adopting SMPTE DCPs.
  • Discuss the various file types and their functions in a SMPTE Digital Cinema Package.
  • Outline the SMPTE DCP mastering process.
  • Explain how the SMPTE DCP manages Timed Text.
  • Describe how the DCP helps overcome the challenges of international versioning.
  • List the necessary requirements of global DCP distribution.

Author: Jack Watts; BSc. Computer Science, Experienced Digital Cinema Exhibition Integrator, DCP Implementation, SMPTE ST TC 21DC Co-Chair, Participating Member and seasoned experience in global DCP mastering and distribution servicing.

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